1. Alameda

From the recording Come Back, Dr. Caligari


It was in 1994
That I decided to get some more
And set out on the road
Those were days when I hardly knew
A second chance, a secret clue
To let me crack the code

I met her in a bar downstairs
From the hotel room where I tried to care
About patching up my life.
Eleven drinks between us down
She's showing me the town
And asking about my wife
In Alameda

I don’t see her anymore
I don’t see her, I don’t see her
In Alameda at all

Her fire burned like a hundred suns.
And her legs could crush sixteen tons
And still rest your weary head
She always said she could not stay
But I never listened anyway
Until my empty bed
In Alameda...

I’d never say that it was love
But she was all I was thinking of
When I took my final drink
Her place was on Second Avenue
Where I park my car and fight the flu
I’ll go home soon I think
To Alameda...