1. Two Rock Songs

From the recording Come Back, Dr. Caligari



Round up all the people
Pack them in the light
Push up all the fades
And watch them rearrange
Undulating figures
Rhythm while they play

Call out from the stage
They love their city to be named
Leave there for the night
Return in another life
The nighttime lasts forever
The sun’s a lesser light

She stepped in the roadside bar
Where I was stranded playing guitar
Drink our way through the nighttime
Crawl out through the dawn

I drift away with every drink
The neon’s closing in I think
She watches me under the stagelights
She waits until I’m done

I can wither softly in the spotlight
And she’s gone…

We fell in love shot for shot
Fugitives begging to be caught
Every night a long lost angel
Falls into my arms

I can wither softly in the spotlight
Till she’s gone